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Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is wonderfully effective for calming and focusing your mind, as well as relaxing your body. Try this if you struggle with sitting meditation. This meditation can be done inside or outdoors, wherever you are able to walk forward without obstructions or people in your path.

Begin by standing with your feet spaced hip width apart.

Take a few deep breaths while allowing yourself to feel your weight on all four corners of your feet. Notice your connection to the ground under your feet.

Start walking more slowly than you normally would with a relaxed stride and your arms and hands loose by your sides—think strolling.

Notice your relaxed breath.

Perhaps think the word “relax” on your inhale, and “release” on your exhale as you walk.

Observe the things around you neutrally, without internal comment or judgement. If thoughts come across your awareness, gently let them pass on through your mind like clouds moving across the sky. Tell them you will get to them later.

Be aware of your footfall—the weight into your heel and lift of your toes, and then the weight into your toes and the lift of your heel. Enjoy the rolling movement of your feet with each step.

Continue for at least 20 minutes.

Meditation is a practice of mindfulness—being in the present moment. You won’t be great at it at first. It is hard. It is hard to step away from our habit of worrying about the past and step back from our fear about the future and be the now. The more you practice being fully planted in the present, the more effective you will be a taking a much needed break from anxiety, worry, fear—those emotions that nag at us and even consume us.

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