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"Robin came into my life at a time when I was completely distraught over my son’s drug misuse and what it was doing to our family. She helped me sort through my feelings of helplessness, disappointment, and anger toward my son and the addiction. Robin educated our family on how opioid addiction affects the brains of young people and why the road to recovery can be slow. She has helped me be supportive without assuming responsibility for everyone and everything. I am personally so inspired by her story of growth and acceptance, and through more hard work and lots of patience, I hope that someday I can achieve that same peace in my life."

Marie R

"Robin's presentation on brain spotting was engaging, comprehensive, and fascinating! Brain spotting shows great potential as an innovative clinical tool to intervene on suicidal thoughts, feelings and experiences." 

Erica Steib, MPH

Suicide Prevention Specialist, Mental Health America of Wisconsin

"Robin is the BEST!  When I knew my team needed training, I met with her and went over the areas in which I thought we needed help/guidance.  She asked clarifying questions to get to the heart of what was needed.  Robin brings her professional knowledge and her life experience together to be a perfect union in her teaching. Her ability to make everyone feel seen and heard during the training she provided for us is a natural gift she has." 

Felicia Labatore, Peer Support Coordinator, Kenosha Police Department

“...what healed me was Robin’s treatment using brain spotting. Through psychotherapy and multiple sessions of brain spotting, I was able to understand and ease the underlying challenges which brought me to therapy." 

James, Law Enforcement Officer

"Robin was our son's therapist when he was an adolescent. She has also been very caring and effective in providing support to our family after a tragic loss. I highly recommend her!"

Paula Loubier

"Robin is a skilled therapist. I highly recommend her services."

Suzanne Schwartz

"Robin is a very caring, insightful therapist who assists her clients in better understanding themselves and in developing strategies to overcome the challenges they are facing. She is one of the best therapists I have ever known and I highly recommend her."

Kate Connelly

"Robin was an exceptional speaker. She presented the information in a very accessible way with lots of really good imagery. The imagery really sticks with you and helps you understand the high level concepts in a very hands-on way."

S. Strand RN, AdvocateAurora Health 

“I’m so grateful for my chakra work experience with Robin.  She has given me insight, support, and tools that have helped me to bring more balance to my being. Robin has helped me incorporate practices that  involve my body, mind, and spirit to help me reach my goals. I have felt warmth, caring and understanding throughout our time working together.”

Anne G.

"This is the second workshop of Robin’s I have attended.  The Resiliency workshop was a great reminder of why it is important to do our own spiritual work.   Robin is a great example of spiritual and emotional resiliency and I am motivated to stay engaged in my own practices so I can develop this resiliency for myself.  The workshop also gave us some practical tools to integrate practices into every day life.  If you already have some consistent spiritual practices this class can be a great way to add and deepen them."  

Angela R.

"Robin's Growing Spiritual and Emotional Resilience Workshop helped me to learn and re-learn skills and tools for coping with adversity without resorting to my default setting of negativity. I feel I can respond to life's next "implosion" now as I practice attaching these skills and tools to myself during simpler times."

David P.

"When I attended Robin's Women's Empowerment Workshop I learned it's okay to and even necessary for me to take time for myself. I liked the Johari Window Model she taught us. It helped me to understand so much about myself. I really enjoyed this workshop!"

Kelly L.

"Robin helps me to form a deeper connection between mind, body and spirit through her teachings of yoga philosophy embedded in her yoga classes. She encourages me to take my yoga practice to higher levels by offering challenging yoga classes. Robin also teaches me the importance of applying the principles of yoga to my everyday life."


"Very skilled and professional. I've been with her (yoga) practice for over 2 years. Highly recommend."

Mark T.

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