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A Chakra Consultation can help you uncover where you are experiencing energy imbalances. You and I will work together to design a plan to re-establish the balance and flow of your chakra energies to optimize your energetic health.

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FREE 15 min Consultation

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Chakra Consultation

Interested in Chakra?

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How it Works

Your chakras are seven major energy centers along your spine from your low back to the crown of your head. Each of these chakras scans the energy that you take in from others and the world around you, and also shapes the energy you send out to those around you. These energy centers can become blocked, such as when we become unforgiving in our heart chakra towards others and/or ourselves. A chakra can also leak energy, such as when we give away our personal power or allow it to be taken from us. The healthy flow of energy through these centers is vital to mental and emotional health. After an assessment,  I will help you develop a plan to balance your chakra energies so it is neither excessive or deficient. In typically 3-4 meetings you will have a plan for healthier lifestyle habits, enhanced intuition, and richer connections with others.


Client Review

“I’m so grateful for my chakra work experience with Robin. 

She has given me insight, support, and tools that have helped me to bring more balance to my being. Robin has helped me incorporate practices that  involve my body, mind, and spirit to help me reach my goals. I have felt warmth, caring and understanding throughout our time working together.”

Anne G.

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