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Are you a life long learner? Do you enjoy the rich experience of interacting with and learning from other people as you help one another grow? These personal growth workshops were made with you in mind!

These small group half day workshops may be offered both in person and online.

Women's Empowerment


Discover ways you can expand your ability to be a leader, influencer, and encourager in your personal relationships, workplace, and community. Come away from this energizing workshop ready to immediately enhance your personal power in a positive way!


Design Your Future Life by Learning From Your Story


Starting with a contemplative dive into guided writing prompts to uncover the lessons and wisdom you can glean from your life so far, I'll guide you through how to use that wisdom to purposefully shape the next stage in your life. Don't let your life just happen  to you--your life is waiting for you to take hold of the steering wheel! 

Growing Spiritual and Emotional Resiliency


In times of uncertainty and unpredictability, learn how you can grow your ability to be grounded in a sense of calm, and purpose. 

Client Reviews

This is the second workshop of Robin’s I have attended.  The Resiliency workshop was a great reminder of why it is important to do our own spiritual work.   Robin is a great example of spiritual and emotional resiliency and I am motivated to stay engaged in my own practices so I can develop this resiliency for myself.  The workshop also gave us some practical tools to integrate practices into every day life.  If you already have some consistent spiritual practices this class can be a great way to add and deepen them.  

Angela R.

Robin's Growing Spiritual and Emotional Resilience Workshop helped me to learn and re-learn skills and tools for coping with adversity without resorting to my default setting of negativity. I feel I can respond to life's next "implosion" now as I practice attaching these skills and tools to myself during simpler times.

David P.

"When I attended Robin's Women's Empowerment Workshop I learned it's okay to and even necessary for me to take time for myself. I liked the Johari Window Model she taught us. It helped me to understand so much about myself. I really enjoyed this workshop!"

Kelly L.


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