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Past Life Regression Therapyife as

There is an explosive interest in Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR). PLR therapy is often useful when conventional therapy, which emphasizes experiences in this life, does not work. Sometimes the root of the problem or issue is in a past life. As the soul returns to life over and over, traumatic memories can be re-created in your current life, often making little sense. These can be brought to your conscious awareness by anxiety, panic attacks, anger, depression, phobias, obsessions, nightmares, and unexplainable physical pain. 

Past life hypnotic regression allows you to see beyond the confusion and illusions of this life to bring about a healing of the past life memories that may be symptomatic in your present life. 

New insights and healing around these unresolved symptoms can be accomplished. Profound transformation can occur in mind, body, and spirit. 






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