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Happy "Birth" day?

In January I turn a year older. Every year it happens. Whether I want it to or not. This year, I prefer another way of saluting my birthday. How about Happy "Figuring Myself Out" Day? Happy "Ready to Soar" Day? Or, Happy "Finally Getting Wiser" Day?

We all offer the common salutation, "Happy Birthday," as well wishes on the anniversary of the day of someone's birth. Nice, but as we age, a different sentiment may be more meaningful.

In our 20's it may be Happy "You Made it to Adulthood" Day. In our 30's it can be Happy "You are Power-full" Day. In midlife it may be Happy "You are an Awesome Example to the Human Race" Day. Or, Happy "You may be Bent but not Broken" Day. Every year on my spirit son's birthday, I wish Ethan "Happy "Being With God" Day.

We could treat any day as though it's our "birth" day. Wake up anticipating it could be an auspicious day. Receive the day's experiences as though they were special gifts just for you. Walk with some pep in your step and a heart and mind wide open with curiosity about what the world has in store for you. You can celebrate being your current best self, moving through the life lessons that your soul needs to master in order to bloom into your soul's fullest expression.

This celebration can mean much more than being another year older (fun when you turn 10, not so much when you turn 63!). At birth we are on the starting line of our life, but the adventure really begins as we start walking, running, and sometimes limping on the course. It is how we move toward our finale--our finish line--that is really the thing to mark.

Sometimes one's course feels too short or feels painfully drawn out. We might judge it as being "cut" short or being "too long." We mustn't judge, because we don't know what is short or long or just right. We won't know this until we have arrived at our destination---the end of our journey in this particular body, the container of our beautiful soul.

In the meantime as we journey through our life one milestone at a time, we can celebrate our blooming and sometimes the pruning, salute our successes and how we overcome setbacks.

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