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Sunflower Power

I want to be like this sunflower. This resilient beauty is growing in a slender crack in the gutter. Yes, right in a street corner in my neighborhood, nicely situated at a stop sign where all who pass by that corner can smile at her. Not that I want to be in a gutter, but I do want to be able to grow gracefully wherever I find myself.

She's turning her face toward the east, blooming into the sun. Growing this way, she keeps the shadows at her back, behind her, not obscuring her connection to the sun. Smart girl, that bloomer.

On windy days, she still stands strong and tall, because she can bend and sway with the wind. Who cares if her stems are hairy and rough? Flexible girl, that one.

Her roots are deep to seek sustenance under the concrete. To grow seemingly like magic right up through the street she must be deeply rooted. Strong girl, that's for sure.

She radiates energy and warmth as her broad bloom beams the color of sunshine at the onlooker, even on cloudy rainy days. Cheerful, optimistic girl she is, yes?!

Her many seeds contain sweet oil that nourish animals and people alike. Sunflower oil is used to feed livestock and poultry. People enjoy the seeds dried, roasted, or ground into nut butter, and birds gobble them up. Generous girl, too.

Oh, the power of the her superpowers to bloom where YOU are planted!

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