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Forest Bathing

Would you like to do your brain a favor? Treat it to something good during these stressful times? Get out into the woods for some “forest bathing.”

Use all of your senses. Walk through a forest, a grove of trees in a park, or lean your back against a tree in your backyard. Press your palm against a tree trunk and absorb its’ strength.

Look up through the canopy of its leaves—many now are glowing yellow, red, and orange. Absorb the reality that while leaves wither and fall, they bud and bloom again in the spring. They are only bare for a time and then leaf out again. The reliability of this truth is comforting.

Breathe deeply in through your nose and take in the earthy smell of the woods. Pick up a leaf and brush it against your cheek. Hear the crunch of leaves under your feet as you stroll along a woodland path. Soak in the serenity all around you.

Pause in your forest bath and become still. Feel the grounding energy of the trees. Be calmed by their steadfastness. Be soothed by the sound of the breeze through their branches.

You will feel restored after your forest bath.

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