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Do One Thing Really Well

Watch the movie "A Boy Called Sailboat" on Netflix and see the power of doing one heart-filled action really well! Sailboat learns to play a little guitar and then he writes a magical song that brings life-changing joy and peace to his whole village when they hear him play his guitar and sing his song. This is the one thing he does and he does it really well. It is truly a remarkable message for us all. It is counter-cultural. We are surrounded by the message that more is better. Sailboat's story teaches us that we can make a difference with doing ONE thing really well. Just one thing can be enough to make a difference.

We don't have to be wonderful at a lot of things to make a difference in this world. Focus your energy on one thing to do well and offer it up to others. Hone this skill and do it often. A client of mine told me that since she retired she wanted to give back to others but didn't think she had anything to offer. I asked her what she enjoyed doing or was good at. She said that she enjoyed making one-of-a-kind cards but rarely had the time or energy to do this when she was working. Since she now had "more time than I know what to do with," I encouraged her to explore this talent again. She dove in, and created cards that were artistic collages filled with words, colors, and images tailored to the situation or event the person was celebrating, marking, surviving, or grieving. The "thank you" messages from the recipients of her cards included messages like "you made my week," and "I felt so special when I received your beautiful handmade card."

The impact of a single heartfelt thing can ripple out like concentric circles across many people. One person blessed by your one good thing blesses another and so on.

Don't underestimate the power of doing one thing well and rippling this out into the world!

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