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Be My Garden Guest

Be my guest and tour my garden sanctuary on Saturday June 29 between 10am-2pm at 4827 S. 94th St, Greenfield. Totally free, but consider bringing a book to donate to my Little Free Library. Also, I will be selling antique chairs, a walnut coffee table, antique bed frames, a full size basketball hoop... big stuff, no small stuff.

I enjoy sharing my garden because I enjoy helping you with your garden. I have learned so much from spending time in others' gardens. For example, I have learned to choose one dominant color for my almost 50 containers, boxes, and baskets and then surround the dominant color with just one or two complementary ones. I've learned that all kinds of art and even furniture lives happily in my garden--chairs, bedframes, little decorative tables, mirrors, heads. Yep, I have a collection of heads in the beds--don't worry, all stone or ceramic. I like to tuck unexpected pieces in my garden to pause the eye, otherwise it tends to sweep quickly over green beds of shrubs and perennials. I've also learned to have a tolerant relationship with weeds, as most gardeners do.

Weeds are something a gardener has to make peace with because a weed doesn't see itself as any less valuable than a flower. They grow with proud confidence right next to my stunning expensive Robina lilies. The nerve!

With all the nourishing rain this spring I have watched the weeds spread themselves with strong limbs, galloping gleefully over more well-behaved plants. I am watching ground covers battle for who will cover who---my lamium or snow on the mountain? I'm about ready to give up controlling either one and let them duke it out.

But dandelions! How could a cheerful bloom that children everywhere pick and offer with love to their mom be called a weed? It breaks my heart to pull them out and toss them in yard waste. Why not cultivate a small bed of dandelions and enjoy a plant that doesn't require any care? They are a lesson in resilience

Come and see what you might learn from my riot of annuals, perennials, art, and yes, even weeds.

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