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Say Yes!

Try this: experiment with saying yes to everyone and everything that happens. Yep. As long as it is not harming you or someone else, just say "yes."

Practicing leaning in to "yes" can reveal a default response of "no," "not now," or thinking of all the reasons it's a bad idea. In this practice, we notice that our automatic response is often to be negative, skeptical, or to disagree. It also reveals how often we think we say yes, when we really are saying "yes, but...." which is just another way of saying no.

The challenge of practicing saying "yes" can expose the oppositional adolescent within. Sigh, yup, we all still have that little bugger inside us. This challenge can also reveal how saying "no" can be a habit we developed for reasons from our past, which may no longer serve us.

Our thoughts shape our mood. Habitually saying "no" is draining to cultivating positive life energy. Resistance, retreating, or stonewalling as a default response can cause distress and suffering to us and those around us. Life is short. Sweeten it by saying "yes!"

This practice can be fun: "Sure, I'll stop what I am doing and play that game with you." It can bring joy: "Yes, let's go to that museum you want to go to." It can bring surprise: "That is an interesting perspective--I'd like to hear more." It can be energizing: "I agree that this could be a possibility--let's try it!" It can be uplifting to respond from a position of joining: "Sure, I'm in."

Say "yes" whenever you can, and notice how your heart opens, your hands unclench, and you free yourself up to receive gifts you didn't even know you were missing.

You might even become happier!

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